-: Information about the College :-
       It will be an ideal Institute for Primary Teacher's training, popularly known as a P.T.C. College, following two years course as prescribed by the Gujarat State Education Department. The necessary legal formalities for starting this college have been completed. The State Govt. Education Department has already issued N.O.C. for the purpose and an application in the prescribed format has been duly submitted to the Regional committee of National Council for Teacher Education, Bhopal. Special care has been taken to fulfill all norms and standards prescribed by the N.C.T.E. It is expected that N.C.T.E. will grant recognition to launch and operate this college from June-July 2003. It is named as M. K. Institute of Elementary Teacher Education.

  Name of the Trust                     :-        Vitthalprabhu Education & Charitable Trust, Patan.

  Name of the Institution             :-        M. K. Institute of Elementary Teacher Education, Patan.

  NCTE Code                               :-         322073


  Address                                      :-        "B” Sardar Patel Complex,

                                                                 Patan (N. G.) – 384265.

  Phone No.                                   :-        (02766) – 226757, 226987



  Fax                                             :-         (02766) – 221460



 Name of Principal                      :-         Shri. Pankajbhai M. Solanki

                                                                5, Society

                                                                Padmanabh Char Rastan,

                                                                Patan (N. G.)



  Date of Establishment                 :-     01-06-2003

  Date of Recognition by NCTE    :-     17-07-2003
-: Necessary Approval :-

 1.    No objection Certificate (N. O. C.) for the proposal to start w:st="on">P.T. C. College , Received  by letter

        No.TCM – 1402 – 2251 – (2) – N, Education Deptt., Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar.

   2.  Recognition of Elementary Level Teacher Training Institute by N. C. T. E. Letter No. WRC / 2-

        32/49/2003/3355 Date 17/07/2003 for the intake of 50.

   3.  Recognition of Elementary Level Teacher Training Institute by N. C. T. E. Letter No. WRC / 2-

        32/Date 17/07/2003 for Additional intake of 50.

   4.  Recognition of Elementary Level Teacher Training Institute by N. C. T. E. Letter No. WRC / 2-

        32/322073/76/2005/6105 Date 08/08/2005 for Additional intake of 100.

-: Fees Structure :-

        As per rules of Government of Gujarat


            Annum Fees for the Course is Rs. 20,000/-

Rs. 10,000 (First Term)        /   Rs.10,000/- (Second Term)
-: Admission Procedure & Examination :-

      Admission is given purely on the basis of the merit by Central Admission Committee, Director of Primary Education, Block No. - 12 , Gandhinagar. 

            Examination Body                     :-           State Examination Board, Gandhinagar.

            Starting of Academic Year        :-          June –  2012.

            Ending of Academic Year         :-          April – 2013.
-: Information on Subject / Specialization Offered :-

First Year


(1)       Philosophy And Psychology.

(2)       Educational Evaluation And Evaluation.

(3)       Life Oriented Activities.

(4)       Gujarati Language Education.

(5)       Mathematics Education.

(6)       Environment Education.

(7)       Hindi Language Education.

(8)       Teaching Learning Material And Computer Education.

(9)       English Language Education.



                      Second Year

(1)       School Administration And Management.

(2)       Education Evaluation And Evaluation.

(3)       Problems Of Primary Education And It’s   Modern Trends.

(4)      Gujarati Language Education.

(5)      Mathematics Education.

(6)      Social Studies Education.

(7)      Science Education.

(8)      Teaching Learning Material And Computer Education.

(9)       English Language Education.

(10)     Hindi Language Education.

      (11)     Sanskrit Language Education.
-: Teacher Education Program :-

        Having successfully launched a full-fledged school and P.G.D.C.A. college under the M. K. Education Complex at Patan, the visionary Shri Upendrabhai Patel realized the truth that the success of any educational institute wholly and solely depends upon the basic strength and insight of the teachers. In order to actualize his conviction, he moved in the direction of doing something worth while in the area of improving teacher-quality.

        Just to begin with, he consulted a few educationists and Teacher Education Personal and decided to initiate his efforts in that direction. It was, on account of his quick decision making ability and habit,  that  in  the middle  of  academic  year 2002 - 2003,  he took  a  decision  of  establishing two institutes of Teacher Education-one for Elementary Teachers and the other for Secondary Teachers.
-: The Vision & Mission  :-

      As has been stated in the National Policy on Education, the thrust in Elementary Education will be on  Universal enrollment and retention of children up to 14 years of age, and (ii) Substantial improvement in the quality of education. Thus, the improvement in the quality of education is dependent on the quality of teachers. In order to improve the quality of teachers, M. K. Education complex is committed to the broad-base National Policy on Elementary Education.

      The Principal mission of the Trust after the launch of this P. T.C. college, is to provide class-I orientation and training facilities to the would be teachers by mechanizing such programmes that can infuse and instill the teacher-trainees with essential teaching competencies, commitments and performances.

        It will be a full-fledged residential Teacher Education Institute for both male and female teacher trainees for Elementary schools. It is proposed to be operated on self-financed and non-profit making basis. Since no grant of whatsoever is to be received, reasonable fees that may be sanctioned by the State Govt. will be charged from the trainees.  The P.T.C. college will follow the syllabus prescribed for Primary Teachers Certificate Exam. (P.T.C.) by the State Board of Examination. It will be a course of two years' duration. The admission criteria will be H.S.C. Exam. passed with at least 45% marks. There will be two Exams. to be held by the Govt. of at the end of each year.   The medium of instruction would be Gujarati. However trainees may be allowed to answer their question-papers either in Hindi or English The intake capacity in each year class will be nominally 50 as per the revised norms of the N.C.T.C. and also in accordance with the admission policy and procedure approved by the State Department of Education.
-: Human Resources :-
     The Trust has made apt and adequate provision for the appointment of teaching as well as non-teaching staff in accordance with the norms prescribed by the N.C.T.E.
-: Infrastructural Facilities :-
     As per the norms and standards set up the N.C.T.E. provision has been made for class-rooms furniture, equipment, laboratory, library and computer- lab, Audio-Visual Room, Multi-purpose lab, work-shop, Educational technology laboratory etc.
-: Instructional Facilities :-
      As has been  required  by  the N. C. T. E. norms  and standards,  the Trust  has acquired sufficient land, space, buildings and other amenities, for the smooth and efficient conduct of teaching-learning activities practical connected with and administration thereof.