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~: M. K. School (Secondary Section) :~

STD - 8:- Approved By GujaratSecondary and Higher Secondary Board

                Sector-10 , B-Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar.

                Letter                   No.MUMSB/G/Te.9/June-2002/   12987/91 Dated :- 12/09/2002.

STD-9 :-  Approved By Commissioner of Schools, Block No. 12, Dr.

                Jivarajmaheta Bhavan, Gandhinagar. Letter No.V-

                2/No.Gra.V./2003-2004/14880-81 Dated :- 10/10/2003.

STD-10 :-Approved By Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Board   

                Sector-10, B- Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar. Letter No. MUMSB/Std-      

                10/ G/Ju-04 /Te./6118/21 Dated :- 13/05/2004.

-: The Vision & Mission :-

     All efforts and activities of the school are being directed towards excellence.,- excellence in learning-teaching processes, excellence in skills, excellence in application of knowledge and skills, excellence in human behavior and excellence in life as a whole.

    And for so achieving, the school has excellent infrastructure and instructional facilities and loving, caring teachers who are known as learning facilitators. It's a place where learning is joyful and teaching a pleasant activity, where learning- teaching processes are not restricted to only class-rooms and text-books. They are extended beyond the walls and boundaries of the school from the broader perspective of the society in which the lea mess stay and grow.

    The central spirit and mission of M. K. School is child-centered with ample provision of congenial environment, motivation, inspiring guidance, counseling and varied learning experiences to individual learners.

      The Entire school programme is focused on developing the integrated personality of every individual child by fully unfolding its inner potentialities and weaknesses through multifarious opportunities and experiences. All laming-teaching activities together with numerous co-curricular activities are humanized, psychologies and psycho-motor activated. Despite Gujarati being the medium of instruction at all levels of the school, special emphasis is laid on and psycho technical methodology for teaching English right from Std. -II up to Std. XII is applied effectively. Special and judicious provision for teaching Hindi as the National language is also made.

     The school has accepted the truth and philosophy that the rate and speed of growth and development of a child is greater and faster in children between their age of 4 to 10 years. Hence, the Elementary Education programme is extremely sound and psychologically implemented.

     In brief, it could be plainly and specifically stated here, that the vision and mission of M. K. School is the enrichment, empowerment and enlightening of the child's total personality rather than its brilliant performance at various exams. Should the parents feel like bringing up their dear daughters and sons brilliant future with meaningful lives, may we advise them to select this school for them

-: Nature & Type of the School :-
     M. K. School is a non-residential self-finance and co-educational school affiliated to and following the syllabus of the Gujarat State, Department of Education in Gujarati medium. However, there is a provision of supplementing the state- prescribed syllabus and Text-books where and when require